Flip and Kai

Why the heck does Vimeo not let you replay?

This is something I did for my traditional animation class.

The whole quarter there was one assignment.. create a hand drawn 10 sec animation with 2 originals characters. It had to include an audio snippit (the one I chose was something Rod and Todd Flanders sang from the animation The Simpsons).

And much fun as I had when it was completed, as well as the satisfaction of it actually being completed.. I had so much fun watching the reactions. I would like to clean it up and maybe color it in too. I honestly have no idea where the original scanned images are though haha. It has to be buried on one of my external hard dives somewhere…




I was in the middle of a redo for this blog and my website and I completely forgot how crazy tweaking everything to my preferences was going to take. At least now I think I can stop fiddling with the design of this blog and just have some fun writing, drawing and taking pictures for it 🙂

I just got a Nikon D3100. Yes there are some newer fancier cameras on the market but there are reasons I chose what I chose. For one, I am completely new to a DSLR camera (pretty much any photography really) so I wasn’t about to get something more complicated then I need. On top of that, there is a photographers site I stumbled on (Ken Rockwell) that pretty much pointed me in the direction of researching Nikon over Canon because I have a few lenses that were my dads and I would love to get some use out of them. I can’t wait to learn about the camera and everything it can do!